About me

Why, hello human! My internet alias is Jolly the unicorn but you can call me Gel or Angie if you like~ In real life I go by Angélica; nice to meet you!

I’ve been an artist literally since I could pick up a pencil for the first time, really. I used to design a lot of pretty wedding dresses and Disney movies’ characters when I was a kid (The Lion King!!) I fell in love with anime/manga at age 8 and the switch from making my own Lion King OCs to studying the human form through my favorite anime styles came naturally.

I got my unicorn hoofs on my first tablet in 2007 at age 17, it was a big moment in my art career, because I also joined deviantART at the time and it helped shape just exactly how I wanted my art style to develop.

I experimented with soft shading, landscape, pixel art and fantasy painting but nothing really resonated with how I wanted to present my art to the World at that point.

Some of my best artwork from 2010-2013:

My love for graphic design and the subtle art of mixing pretty pastels made me slowly transition to a more fluid, smooth and dreamy kind of art in late 2015, when I (finally) left my 9-5 job, I decided to turn my drawing hobby into a solid career. Nothing makes me happier than drawing from my heart rather than following some sort of thing, I believe functionality and originality come the moment you stop trying to be the kind of artist – and person, really – you think people expect of you, quit the race to the top, and honestly check in to see what you really want to create next. Even if you follow certain guidelines, you benefit a lot more from life that way~

Each day, I’m challenging myself to be as open and spontaneous in my art as possible and having a whole lot of fun with it! It’s so therapeutic and has been teaching me a lot about myself. 🙂 I have an entire blog dedicated just to art therapy here.

Some of my favorite recent artwork:

My main goal with art is to express myself and help people who feel oppressed somehow do the same.

Nothing beats freedom; I took mine for granted for a long time – and the life lessons it has taught me inspire me to express myself through art now more than anything else.  I love turning the World as I see it into actual pieces for you all to decorate your homes with or just look at *giggles* I feel like I’m far from done with where I want to take this project though. So you’re more than welcome to watch my art project take shape as I go, one sparkly unicorn step at a time!

Jolly the Unicorn

for business inquiries: mycaramellcloud@gmail.com